Sycamore Leaf

April 24, 2021

Contribute to the Yearbook

Over the next week, we'll be finishing up the all-school yearbook for this year. If you have special pictures you'd might contribute, please upload by Wednesday, April 28, using this link:

We will not be able to use all of them, but we appreciate your help during this unique time. We are especially interested in having pictures of:

  • student's at home projects
  • student's work on independent learning goals
  • student experiences in the CORE and CHAMP programs

If you have not purchased a yearbook yet, you may order until THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28. The price is now $15 each. Please use this link to purchase. Our school code is 164860.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for responding to last week's parent survey. According to parents, students are very happy to be back, and I can vouch for staff to say we feel the same way! The following are notes to respond to questions and concerns that came from the survey or interactions we've had with families.

  • On both the Harvard and Yale side, the curb marked with signage is intended to be used as a white, pick-up and drop-off area. Parents who need to or want to pick up their child at the gate should park elsewhere and walk up. As space opens up along the curb in front of you, please pull forward so we make the most of the space along the curb.
  • Staff are attempting to see names posted in each vehicle's windshield (or they'll ask), so that students can be called to the gate then escorted or sent to your vehicle. We hope this is becoming an increasingly expedient process. Names in the window do help!
  • On the yellow-Yale gate where many adults walk to pick-up students, we've added a new process. Just as adults line up on the outside of the gate, students will get into line as soon as they see their grown-up. From there, a staff member will match the two. Again, we hope this will allow us to safely and quickly get students and family members together.
  • In classrooms, we are also refining the processes for wrapping up lessons, gathering backpacks, getting lunches to students and moving classes to the gates so we can get everyone out to families at 11:00 AM.
  • Some asked about the timing of classroom Zooms, whether additional Zooms would be added, and the extent to which students would use technology during the in-person time. While technology is not a primary mode of instruction while students are in person, the iPad may be used for unique projects or those requiring instruction at school and asynchronous time for completion. Teachers' schedules are extremely tight. If you have specific needs or questions about the day's schedule, please ask your child's teacher. As to the length of the day, we are all looking forward to having everyone together in typical fashion. For now, the schedule is designed to provide safe access for two, smaller, in-person cohorts as well as time for whole class connections with students in distance learning.
  • There was a question about having doors and windows open, so I want to speak to CUSD's process for promoting safety in classrooms. Our HVAC filters have been upgraded to their highest capability, and we have air purifiers in every classroom. These air purifiers are scaled to clean the air twice each hour and support the safety of the setting even when doors are shut for running the AC or heater. Here's a link to a safety video created by CUSD.

Please feel free to reach out if I have not answered your question, if you need a more personalized response or if you'd like to add a suggestion. Thank you for your support!

Amy Stanger

Activities beyond the classroom

Because our lunch time is shortened slightly in the Phase 2 Hybrid schedule, student clubs will all meet from 12:30 PM-1:00 PM. Students are welcome to enjoy their lunch during club time. The following activities will be available to students this week:

12:30-1:00 Monday: Yoga and Second/Third Grade Book Club

12:30-1:00 Tuesday: Math Clubs and Reading in Spanish

11:30-1:00 Wednesday: S.I.T.T. (Sycamore Interactive Talking Time) for grades 2-6

12:30-1:00 Thursday: K-6 Sign Language Club, upper grade book club and K-6 Lunch Bunch

12:30-1:00 Grades K-6 Lunch Bunch and Crafting Club

All club links are NEW and they are available on the Sycamore Student Canvas page by clicking the club button.

Child Development Program extends the day

Space is still available in the BLAST child care program. This fee-based program allows students to extend their time at school on their cohort days. Registration information can be found in the Child Development webpage or by contacting their office at 909-398-0373.


Saturday, May 1: Sycamore gear orders due (see below)

Monday, May 3 @ 6:00 PM: Equity and Inclusion Committee meeting

Monday, May 3 iReady End of Year Testing Window opens for all students (see below)

Thursday, May 27 Open House: This event cannot be held in person. We will share "Open House" with families in a digital format. More soon.

Get Your Sycamore Gear!

Now that you're out of the house, shed those pajamas and get yourself some Sycamore gear! Due to popular demand, we will place orders for this year's gear, and you can order our in-stock gear from previous years. This order form includes pictures of each of the styles and the sizes available. Orders are due by MAY 1, so don't hesitate to place your order. You'll be wearing your school spirit soon.

Bike rack options

As the weather improves, more of our students may be riding bikes to school. Upper graders may ride independently to school. As they enter campus, they will bring their bikes to school with them. After screening, they may chain them to the north fence right away or leave them at the east courtyard bike racks as they go to class. We ask that students in third grade and below be accompanied by an adult when riding their bikes to school. When students arrive, students will chain their bikes to the backstop on the grassy field. If you have questions about plans for your child to ride a bike, please contact Mrs. Stanger.

National ASL Day

April 15 was National American Sign Language Day. Sycamore's Sign-Language Club helped mark the day with a musical video of the group signing together. The video is posted on the Sycamore Student Canvas page under the Sign Language Club button. The Zoom link to Thursday's Sign Language Club is also available on that button. All students are welcome to join Leslie and the club.

Claremont Educational Foundation (CEF) Toyota Raffle

As a part of their fundraising and partnership with schools, CEF holds an annual car raffle. Claremont Toyota has donated a brand new 2021 Toyota Rav 4 to this year's raffle, and in June, one person will be the lucky winner. Tickets sell for $20 or 6 for $100. A portion of each ticket comes back to our school, and the balance of the ticket price is profit for CEF. In turn, CEF donates those funds back to CUSD to support the arts and technology. We will sell tickets in the school office; please call ahead to set up a time to come in.

District Advisory Committee on Racial Equity

The District Advisory Committee on Racial Equity will meet again on April 28 and May 26. You may follow the work of the committee and find information on how you can submit a written comment to the committee using this link: website:

Summer Programs

Parents have begun asking about programs for the summer. The district will offer a summer program for students learning English and for those recommended based on academic need. The program will be held from 8:00-12:00 AM. It will begin in June and run through mid-July. More details will be available soon.

As I become aware of community-based programs, I'll share flyers so families can investigate those options. Here are links to two local programs to consider.

LA County Summer Discovery Program

Claremont Graduate University's Summer Enrichment Program

The State's final word on testing

The California State Board of Education approved the plan that allows local educational agencies to use the most "viable" option for assessment in their local context for the 2020–21 school year. CUSD has chosen an alternative plan for assessments. Our elementary students in grades 3-6 will use the iReady diagnostic assessments for English Language Arts and Math instead of CAASPP. These are assessments our students have used throughout the year. As a result, they will be familiar and comfortable with the format. Teachers will be able to use the data from these assessments to understand student growth across the year. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Stanger.