FLES1 Library Media Center

Mrs. Cirone

A Place to Read...

Our media center has many books for every reader! We have easy readers and board books for younger students. Our library also holds fiction series, nonfiction books, and chapter books for older students. We have so many different options to choose between from many favorite authors. Don't forget to ask Mrs. Cirone for some great suggestions!

A Place to Explore...

Students will explore their creativity by utilizing technology while in the library. Students will practice typing skills by using TypingWeb. They will also become comfortable with ChromeBooks as we use Google Classroom to create, edit, and share documents. Students will also be able to listen to and interact with digital stories by exploring various websites. Finally, students will be able to conduct research by exploring WorldBook Online as our online encyclopedia.

A Place to Interact...

Students will work together numerous times throughout the year. Whether it is reading and discussing a book, creating an interactive digital story, or sharing documents or presentations on Google Drive, there will be many opportunities to learn and explore alongside of classmates!

Contact Me!

Please feel free to reach Mrs. Cirone by phone or email if you have any questions. Also, please follow our media center on Instagram and Twitter for updates and exciting events!