Our Family Disney Fun Trip

The Phillips Family Fun in the Sun 2015

The Art of Animation------Finding Nemo suites

We will be staying 3 nights at the Finding Nemo Suites. The total for 3 nights will cost $1711.14. We have dining reservations for all 3 nights. This part of Disney is really targeting for smaller kids, it includes a huge water park there on site. This will be great for the kids.

Friday, May 1st, 8am

Orlando, FL, United States

Orlando, FL

We are heading out at 8 am sharp, be there or be square. You will need to have your luggage packed and ready to go the night before and loaded in the van. We will get up, and get ready and leave then go to breakfast at the Waffle House. This will be a long road trip so please bring books and electronics to keep you busy. If you are not ready you will miss the bus and the fun. So get plenty of rest and be ready to have some fun.

This is our Family Vacation for 2015

This is going to be a fun family outing . So if you plan to pout, whine, cry or complain you can stay at home. Once we leave at 8 am May 1, 2015 the family van will be the party bus. Let's go have some fun in the sun at Disney and enjoy each other.