Act 1 Scene 5

By; Melissa Bosompem


The Capulet's were greeting the guests and the servants were busy. Romeo sees Juliet and quickly falls in love wit her. Tybalt a recognizes Romeos voice and goes to Lord Capulet but Lord Capulet tells Tybalt stop causing a scene at the party Because Romeo is a well mannered and polite.When Romeo goes up to Juliet she falls in love with him after they talked Romeo kissed her twice .They also find out who each other are and can tell the fate coming and wonders about love or loyalty and the results their love may have to do with death too.


'' The fiery Tybalt", Tybalt is called the fiery Tybalt because when the Capulet's' and the Montague's' were fighting he was trying to continue the fight were as Benvolio wanted the brawl to stop.

Lord Capulet

Juliet's father wants Prince Paris to marry Juliet in two years because of how young she is.
The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Reason why i choose the song

I choose this song because of the seen with Romeo and Juliet's kiss.Also,because of the music that was played in the background of the movie really set out the mood of the scene.