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Meeting Highlights - May 15, 2017

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2014 Bond Program Update

Deputy Superintendent Carl Mead and Executive Administrator for Facilities Dick Steinbrugge updated the Board on the status of the 2014 Bond Program.

Despite continuing wet weather, all three new school construction projects remain on track to open for the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

The second and final sale of bonds has produced a bond premium of about $30 million. That puts the Bond Program Reserve plus Project Contingencies at more than $70 million.

Read the report...

Bond Accountability Committee Report

The Bond Citizen Accountability Committee (BAC) provided the Board with an update and overview of progress.

BAC Chair Hal Bergsma reported that the Committee feels confident that the proper cost controls and measures are in place, and requested to reduce the frequency of meetings. The BAC requested to meet six times next year, instead of 12, and Board members agreed.

Committee members are satisfied that bond revenues are being used for the purposes consistent with the voter-approved bond measure and with state law.

The BAC recommends Bond Program Reserve Funds should not be spent on new projects for the next few years, due to expected increases in labor costs. The Committee also recommends money from the program reserve should be set aside to acquire a second elementary school site in the South Cooper Mountain area, if determined to be needed. If, in a few years, is is determined that new projects could be funded from the Bond Program Reserve, the BAC recommends the District engage the public in a process to define and weigh criteria to determine priorities before focusing on specific projects. Read the report...

Public Comment

The Board heard testimony on the following topics:

  • Providing quality, consistent feedback to about student progress to parents and students

  • Concerns about enforcement of student dress codes

  • Safe Routes to School

  • The budget for the 2017-2018 school year
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Sexton Mountain Elementary School

Sexton Mountain Elementary School Principal Teresa Clemens-Brower provided the Board with a report on the efforts, successes and challenges at her school.

Clemens-Brower highlighted the success of the school's Walking School Bus and Planting Seeds programs. The Walking School Bus encourages students to walk together to school weekly. Planting Seeds provides backpacks of food to families in need. Clemens-Brower said the goal of both programs is to make them sustainable and replicable in other schools throughout the District.

Improving scores in Reading has been a major focus for staff. With support from the Multilingual Department and the Instructional Innovation Department, teacher teams are able to meet monthly for professional development in English Language Arts and English Language Development. Clemens-Brower says she is looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year, when teachers will have more time to collaborate during Wednesday early release.

Clemens-Brower noted successes in reading growth for many students due to these increased efforts. Read the report...

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Individual School Board Member Comments

Board Chair Anne Bryan reminded the audience to vote in the Tuesday, May 16 Election. She also commended staff and the community for making their voices heard on the State School Fund. Anne also gave a shout out to the Meadow Park Middle School band for receiving the award for best band in the St. John's Parade for the 5th year in a row.

Board Member LeeAnn Larsen also encouraged voter participation and encouraged the community to keep up the pressure on the legislature in regard to the the State School Fund.

Board Member Susan Greenberg attended an informational evening at Beaverton High School for Spanish-speaking parents about the repercussions of deportation. Susan also attended the Vose Elementary School Fun Run.

Board Member Donna Tyner attended a media tour of Mountainside High School.

Board Member Eric Simpson attended the Cedar Mill Elementary School Science Fair.

The full packet with meeting materials can be found on BoardBook.

Directors: Anne Bryan (Chair), Becky Tymchuk (Vice Chair), Susan Greenberg,

LeeAnn Larsen, Eric Simpson, Donna Tyner

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