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"Statistically over 50 million Americans are affected by brain and nervous system disorders." We all know that mental illness ravages a family. But the Brain Research foundation will try to prevent that with the hard work and proper research.

What BRF does with your donations.

Andrew Swigart's story.

His sister is a childhood cancer survivor. She survived an ependymoma tumor—a growth in the central nervous system...His sister suffered, struggled, and has overcome many of the ramifications of her treatment with a graceful strength, a subtle toughness and iron grit. "I am very pleased to say that her cancer has been in remission for over 25 years." Years later, another neurological disorder called Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease (CJD) struck his family. CJD is like an accelerated version of Alzheimer’s disease. Slowly, malformed proteins blocked his mother’s neural pathways affecting her higher reasoning skills, memory, motor functions, and ultimately her body’s most basic functions. They lost small parts of her on a daily basis and her passing was a slow process to watch; physically painless but emotionally srtessful...The answers came from the research the Foundation."I was profoundly shaped by both illnesses; they are inseparable from my life. I am grateful for the BRF for providing me the opportunity to help support the advancement of research that will one day prevent other families from experiencing the trauma that affected mine."

Your donations can change someone's life !

Your donation ensures the innovative research that promises to result in better treatments for neurological disorders, and ultimately in potential cures. With an overall score of 89.9% you can be sure that your money will not be wasted. Just a few dollars can change a family's life. Remember, without your donations no family can be spared the trauma of having mental illness in their life.