By Tim Ansley

All about Islam

The followers of Islam are called Muslims. The first belief of Muslims is belief in God, called Allah. The second belief is in angels. The third is believing in the Holy Book which is called the Koran. The fourth belief is in the Profits. The fifth belief is in the day of judgment. The sixth belief is in predestination. The Muslims sacraments are the five pillars of faith. The first is shahada, your public declaration of faith. Next comes salat which is prayer. Then zakat is giving to the needy. After that there is siyam in which you fast for Ramadan. Finally comes hajj, when you travel to the city of Mecca. Muslims worship in a Mosque, normally on Friday because that is their Sabbath. They are led by an Imam. The holy book is called the Quran. The Islam Holidays are Ramadan, a time when Muslims do not eat and Eid al Fitr which is a festival for the first day after Ramadan. There are two Muslim holy sites that can be found in Jerusalem. They are the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. Muslims, Christians, and Jews all believe in Abraham. They also are all monotheistic, which means that they only believe in one god (the god of Abraham).