Kenny Marchant

By: Jordan Nugent


24th district


He is committed to the values of limited government and fiscal responsibility. He has a strong record of fighting for lower taxes, eliminating wasteful government spending, bringing accountability and opposing bailouts. As a state representative, he earned a reputation as a strong conservative leader and consensus builder.

There is over 10,000 students who attend coppell isd schools.

Population of Ages between 18-64 is 66%

42.3% attained a college education

Sales and office occupations 107,568 compared to Texas which has a civilian labor force of 12,583,000

Agency I want to work for:

Department of criminal justice

There mission is to provide public safety, promote positive change in offender behavior, reintergrate offenders into society, and assist cictims of crime.

They impact the residents of Texas by Managing the offenders in state prisons, providing funds to the community, and they're responsible for the supervision of offenders released from prison.

Jobs provided could be human resources, officer, or the general inspector.


This article was about Abbott and Perry and their views about rape and prison laws. Abbott is the one who wants the prison rape laws but Perry doesn't want to sign for them. Abbott view was basically saying that would should try and stop the rape behind the bars but Perry seemed more like there isn't a point to stop it if you can't exactly control the men behind the bars.