My Family

By: Brooke Bartsch

This is my Family

My family is very special.We will start of with my mom she works for mayo clinic and likes to scrapbook. My dad works at I.B.M. he likes to hunt. My brother is in 2nd grade he had 2 casts from surgery ,but now he has to braces

About me

My name is Brooke. I have 3 birthmarks and 2 scares. I like to swim. My favorite hobby is sewing. My friends names are Aryana, Madi, Ronya,Hanna, and Rebecca(she lives in Ohio) . My favorite song is strangers by seven lions.

My Family trips

We have been to Disney World and South Dakota. At Disney World we stayed there for 6 days for two day we went to Magic Kingdom, two days at Animal Kingdom, one day at Epcot, and one day at Hollywood Studios.
Seven Lions - Strangers with Myon and Shane 54 & Tove Lo