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By Jordan Campbell

How Does the Scientific Process Affect the Vaildity of a Legal Argument?

Science actually plays a major part in Crime scene investigation. Like in the Strangeways case the Crime Scene Investigators "CSI" found substances on the rope around John Strangeways neck which happened to be hypochlorite. A witness from the court trial stated “In my opinion, the trial was mainly based on the scientific factors that were found within the crime scene, and were also used by both the defense and prosecution to prove their side not guilty.” With the help of finding the substance narrowed down suspects who have access to this chemical, such as the maid and Strangeways’ mistress. This chemical was found on the mistress' hands while the maid was not present at the event of the killing. A witness of the Strangeways case said “Even though the maid was not present at the party, it would still make more sense for her to be the killer.” So they were going off of what the scientists had found and which side proved their case better. Yet in other cases what the scientists had found, turned out to be false, claiming people to have committed crimes that they were not even present for, or the opposite of letting people get away with their crimes. In one case a "partial fingerprint" was examined from bombings in Madrid, these fingerprints were matched to a man in Oregon that was nowhere near Madrid at the time. This test obviously made no sense and was hard to prove wrong because of the thought that “no two people have the same fingerprint”. In another case with the tests of bite marks, the data found was matched to the wrong person. Necessarily the data taken from a crime scene and sent to investigators can make or break a case. False data can lead to the prosecution of a non guilty man or let murderers get away with their crimes. The scientific process plays a major part in affecting the validity of a legal argument because the evidence such as fingerprints have been used for centuries to solve cases.

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