Annexation For Texas!!!

I Do Aprove!!

Texas is very happy(well almost every one was happy)!!

Texas has won the Texas Revolution from the last Battle which was The Battle Of San Jacinto. It was time too move on into the US. and get away from Mexico since Texas had won independence from them.

Here are some fun facts about the annexation of texas!

Treaty of April 1844- Texas was going to become a territory but the US. senate rejected because it did not pass by 2/3 of the vote.

Election of 1844- James K. Polk was elected in the US and he favored Annexation so it made the US. well some of the US. to favor Annexation.

Joint Resolution- On February 26, 1845 Texas so it used both rulings passed by both houses in congress and it only had a small majority of the votes.

Some of the Reasons why Texas wanted to be part of the US

Texas then.............

Texas now....................

Im so glad that Texas is a state in US.