ELC Newsletter

January 16th, 2015

DRA 2 and STAR scores

Thanks to those who have forwarded the results to me from the mid year testings. You should be really proud about the growth noted. Some student gains are significant, others not quite as large, but moving forward, toward that benchmark is the vision!

OASYS/My Learning Plan

You should be able to input your mid year reflection about the testing now that most of the STAR and DRA 2 testing is complete. There are three questions that you will be addressing there. They are: What is the status of your SLO? What is the evidence you have? What barriers are there to completing the SLO and what strategies will you use to address these. For the second question, you will likely upload an artifact with your class scores from STAR, indicating the growth per student from fall to the present time. I look forward to reading about each classroom's growth.

Early Release on Monday, January 26th

On Monday, you will be able to work in your classrooms all morning. In the afternoon, Dr. Sarah Arnold from Doll & Associates will present to all of us on strategies to support with students who have varying types of Mental Health Disorders. We will be in the PAC at Horace Mann for the afternoon. Dr. Arnold's presentation will be an extension of Dr. Matthew Doll's presentation for the December Early Release.

Upcoming Trainings for ELC Staff

The WSRA conference is the first week in February, and from ELC we have Nicole Brandt and Wendy Hayes attending. Also coming up are 4 days of Fundations trainings, and from ELC we will have Lauren Guelig and Jen Gilbertson attend these. Dates for these are : 2/20; 3/11, and finall 4/13 and 4/14/15. We look forward to having these ladies share with us new strategies and learnings they have acquired.

Upcoming Events at ELC

1/24: Staff Holiday Party at Fat Joe's at 6:00 PM

1/26: In Service Day and School Board Meeting

2/2: Ground Hog's Day

2/10: 7:45 ELC Staff Meeting

2/12: 7:00 4K Staff meeting in ELC Library

2/13: February Early Release; AM Valentine's Celebrations; Interviews for Long Term Substitute

2/17: 4K Parent information meeting

2/24 and 2/26: Parent Teacher Conferences here at ELC

My Out of Building Meetings for the week of 1/26-1/30/15

1/26: In Service Day: ELC in am; Culture and Climate Committee; and HMHS in PM

1/27: LFI meeting at MPTC at 2:45

1/28: 2:45 HMHS Dept. Meeting

1/29: Title I meeting,

1/30: 9:00 Interviews; 11:00 ELC PST

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