By: Jenna Kaufmann


Hungary is one of the many countries in Europe. It has a great history and way of life! Hungarians speak their own language and have delicious looking foods that they eat. You will find out about their National Anthem, geography, and people you might know now, that were born in Hungary, too!


Hungary is a landlocked country, with an area of 93,028 km. This country is mostly flat rolling plains with some hills and mountains around the Slovakian border. Hungary has three major lakes- Lake Balaton, Lake Ferto, & Lake Velence. Hungary has cloudy, cold, humid winters and warm summers. It's located in Central Europe, northwest of Romania. If you need better visuals, Hungary is slightly smaller than Virginia; about the same size as Indiana.


Hungary's National anthem - "Himnusz"
Hungarian National Anthem - "Himnusz" (HU/EN)


Hungary's religion has been mainly different forms of Christianity for centuries. At 2011 39% of Hungary was Catholics, 11.6% were Calvinists, 2.2% were Lutherans, 2% were other religions, 16.7% were non-religious and 1.5% did not believe in any God.


In the 1000, King Stephen founded the state of Hungary and accepted their religions and ways of life. 1241-1242 was the invasion of the Mongols. They caused loads of destruction and one million people were either made slaves or killed! After, King Bela came and built stone walls around the country, so when the Mongols attacked again, they were not defeated thanks to the stone walls. After the Turkish defeated Hungary's strong army, the country split into three parts- The Habsburg domain, the Hungarian Kingdom, and the Turkish domain. It took them over 150 years to overpower the Turks and take their land back!

Hungary's Economy/Government Growth Rate

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Hungary's Foreign Policies

Hungary's foreign policies underwent fundamental changes. Their objective became to join the community of Western democracies- NATO and the European Union. As a result, Hungary became a member of the NATO in 1999, and the European Union in 2004!

Famous People Native to Hungary

  • Albert Szent-Gyorgiyi- He discovered vitamin C!
  • Imre Kertesz- Wrote a novel on his real experiences in WWii, concentration camp. He won a Nobel Prize in 2002.
  • Harry Houdini- He was a renowned escape artist!

Hungary's Holidays

January 1- New Year's Day

March 15- National holiday, showing respect for the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

Easter- Easter Sunday and Easter Monday in March or April.

May 1- Labor Day

Whit Monday- May or June

August 20- St. Stephen's Day, showing respect to the first king of Hungary.

October 23- Day of the Republic, showing respect to the revolution of 1956.

November 1- All Saints' Day

December 25-26- Christmas

Last Thought......

I hope you like Hungary as much as I do, and see how much Hungary's had to go through to get to where it is now!