2nd Annual Super Bowl Cook Off

Better luck next year Dirty Birds

What You Need To Know

This year there will be two competitions: Chili and Appetizers. You have the option to enter one or both of the competitions. There will be awards given in each competition and your imagination is the limit when it comes to the recipes. See below for the list of award categories within each competition.

You can bring in your crock pots and other materials the morning of and keep everything in the kitchen. At Noon those competing are allowed to begin their set up and plating. Th
e tasting and voting will officially begin at 12:30.

If you need any recipe inspiration search "Super Bowl" on Pinterest.

Best of luck!

Super Bowl Cook Off

Friday, Feb 1st, 12:30pm

In the kitchen


Best Overall


Most Unique


Best Plating

Appetizer Awards

Best Overall


Best Presentation

Most Creative