Water Usage Gone Wrong!

Are we using too much water?

Water Usage? Too Much?

The way we use water is very important because the average family uses 400 gallons of water a day and 200 gallons could fill a tank with 3 small sharks in it, so that means the average family could fill two tanks of 3 small sharks in it! Below, here is a list of how much water we use for an everyday task:

10-minute shower: 20 gallons

Brushing teeth with tap off: .25 gallon(With tap on it is 2 gallons)

Other water use (drinking, cooking, etc.): 7 gallons

Washing machine: 40 gallons

Dishwasher: 10 gallons

Hose/sprinkler: 140 gallons an hour

Did you know that we use the most water from flushing toilets, but we use the least water from leaks and other things. Studies have shown that an average Californian uses 181 gallons a day. That could be because outdoor watering uses 5 to 10 gallons per minute, so in 10-20 minutes, you may use 100 gallons which sums up more than half of the gallons of water a Californian uses. An average bath uses 42 gallons of water so instead of taking a bath take a 10 or even 5 minute shower which would cut down 22-32 gallons of water. Well, that pretty much concludes about water usage of a human.

Water Distribution

Treasure that water!

Did you know that an average family uses about 400 gallons of water. Also only 1% of water is useable by people,the rest is either saltwater or frozen.The more the population grows the more water we lose,so we should use less of this important resource.If you have a water leak you should fix it because if you don’t there will be less water for everyone else

N.B.A.J Group!

Love, Love! Hope you liked the website. It took us lots of effort creating this so hope you know lots on why we are using and distributing too much water. Conserve that water! SWAG! P.S., Our names are (Nikhil Kapur, Bethany Chang, Angel Rodriguez, Jenna Nishimura, A.KA. the N.B.A.J Group!)

How to Conserve Water! Save that Liquid!

These are just some tips on how to conserve water in your house and much more.
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