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Cox Mill HS - Student Support Services (S3) - 9.16.20

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Wellness Wednesday Topic: Goal Getter

Goals for the future are like little sparks of light or signs guiding us forward. Follow me! You can do it! These are the rally cries of well constructed goals. Do you know the difference between a STRETCH goal and a SMART goal?

Check out this two-minute video.

The positive feelings we get from accomplishing a goal can be a great boost for our mental health. Do you use goals to support your well being? How do goals impact your motivation and achievements? What is the downside of goals?

Charger Staff Playlist

A favorite viral video from the summer depicted two brothers, Tim and Fred Williams, experiencing a classic song for the first time (TwinsthenewTrend/Phil Collins In The Air Tonight). This video brought so much joy to those who viewed it, and it reminded us how music can connect us -- even across generations. Music tells our story and often reflects the collective voice of a generation.

We invited your teachers, bus drivers, counselors, support staff, custodians, administrators, cafeteria staff, and every other adult who works at Cox Mill High School to share the songs that are their "Playlist for Students." Each week, we are going to showcase at least one of these songs for you to enjoy. Some of them will be older, some will be more current, and different genres of music will be represented. Each one comes from the hearts of our Charger staff as a way to connect with and inspire you, our students.

Staff Playlist - Ms. Powell, OCS EC Teacher

McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (Audio)
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Senior Strike!

College applications are well underway for our seniors. Have you started yours? If not, it's time to get started! Be sure you are using the mini-lessons on the Senior Conference resource page to help target your efforts.

Our tip of the week for seniors: do not compare yourself with others. Each senior in the Class of 2021 is on an individual journey toward a unique future. So much of high school can feel like a lesson on conformity. Senior year needs to be the opposite. Though you have all prepared together and shared some common experiences, all seniors should view their path to their future as a unique and special (if sometimes overwhelming) road trip.

Imagine yourself in your car driving on your first solo road trip -- the one you get to choose for yourself. With your favorite playlist as your only companion, focus on what is in front of YOU. You're the only driver (and the only passenger) on this trip, so stay focused.

Two goals for the week:

  1. Think about a unique quality you value in yourself.
  2. Check out these questions if you are having trouble with goal one.

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SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

This week's SEL lesson was on the topic of goal setting. Goals are so essential for moving ourselves forward in positive directions. Though we may not meet our goals 100% of the time, without goals and positive actions directed at accomplishing them, we are simply wishing for a better future but doing nothing about working toward it. The difference between a goal and a wish? Intentional action. We feel better when we are accomplishing positive things in our lives, and that is good for us socially and emotionally!

SMART Goals are:

Specific - What will you do?

Measurable - How will you know you did it?

Attainable - Is it in your power to do it?

Realistic - Is it truly possible to do?

Timebound - When will you do it?

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