Fourth Grade News

For the week of January 18

This week's focus

Reading - character traits, how a character changes throughout a story, theme, plot, and setting

Writing - persuasive letters/essays

Math - reviewing conversions and word problems

Science - energy (renewable and nonrenewable resources)

Social studies - southeast regions states and capitals assessment

Upcoming tests and dates

No School - Monday, January 18 (Dr. Martin Luther King Day)

Tuesday, January 19 - southeast regions states and capitals test

Wednesday, January 20 - makeup science test (as needed)

Friday, January 22 - Spelling test

Squeaky-clean Award

Once again, Jada has demonstrated her ability to maintain a neat and organized desk. She has been a role model for others since day one of school. Great job Jada! Keep up the excellent work!
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Spelling words of the week

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Education in action!!!

Student of the week!

Manny was our student of the week. His favorite subject is gym, and he enjoys reading I Survived books. He also wants to be a doctor when he grows up, and his favorite color is orange. One thing Manny wanted everyone to know is that he LOVES apple pie. Manny has two fish named Bolt and Phine and two lizards named Halo and Calipso. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Manny.
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