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Resources Volume 1 - 3D Projector

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This is the first installment Beecher Feature a publication designed to inform you of the many resources (new and old) available through the DC Media Center or Media Center Staff. Each Beecher Feature will feature 1-2 resources so as not to bog you down with too much information at once. All Beecher Feature volumes will be housed conveniently on the MC webpage.

Our goal is to create independent users of information while guiding students and staff to the resources they need to be successful. We look forward to working with you and your students!

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Featured Resource: 3D Projector

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That's right! We have a 3D Projector!

One of the greatest sounds a teacher can hear is the "ooohhh" and "aahhh" from their students when they are engaged in learning that excites them. That is precisely what happens when most students view the math, health, and science content on our 3D projector.

The projector comes with loads of videos, simulations, and interactive activities that bring your STEM content to life! With over 800 topics, you are sure to find what you need to inspire your students in a unique way.

Check out this sample!

Remember, this 2D video really can't show you exactly how it looks in 3D but believe me - it's AMAZING in 3D. We hope you stop by for a preview at your convenience. science is engaging !

More content than we can list!

There are simply too many topics to list, but you can click the buttons below to be linked to the documents with all of the topics. Each topic contains a combination of video, simulations, and interactive activities. Videos are not long, lasting less than 10 minutes, so do not worry about it being a "sit and get" situation. Teachers are encouraged to stop and start the videos to engage in questioning and discussion. Simulations and interactives are great ways to spark conversation and assess student understanding.

Simply put, the 3D projector is flat out cool! It will add a spark to your STEM content. When students who struggle in geometry see the images in 3D, right in front of them, suddenly it makes sense! When a student sees and hears a beating heart, with blood flowing through the chambers right in front of them, it is a sight to behold their amazement. Give it a shot. Check out the content buttons below to see the topics.

The MC staff will assist you in setting up the projector. It is easy to use and FUN!