Slaves And Indentured Servants

By:Ava Elmer


Can you believe that people were in slaved because of there color. Slaves were keep as slaves because of there color. Indentured Servants were promest freedom when they were sixteen. The work for a slave was brotal and some died because of there work. That was a little bit of informashion about slaves and Indentured Servants as you can see there lifes were harsh and not worth living.


Can you believe that people were slaves because of there color. Colonists began using slaves from Africa in the early 1600s. Slaves soon out numberd the European colonists. Slaves did the hardest and unpleasant jobs. Slaves were awoken at 4:30 am. A slave is someone who is owned by another person. Slaves were forced to work thier whole live with out pay. Most white people in the south wanted to keep their slaves. This was one reason for the terrible war bettween the Northern states and the Southern states known as the civil war. The civil war started in 1861. Closing Sentance, Slavery was a terrible way to live.

Indentured Servants

Indentured Servants were promised freedom when they were sixteen. An Indentured Servant would work till he or she was sixteen. And then they were promised to be freed. The following colonies had Indentured Servants Delaware,South Carolina,Maryland, Virginia. colonys had servants and when they were sixteen they were freed.

Life As A Slave

The life as a slave was brutal and some died because of their work.Slaves were not aloud to read or write.Many slaves were whipped for learning how to read.When ever there was work to be done you were likely to find a slave.Slaves would have to do whatever the work was and if they would refuse they would be whipped or face other punish ments. Some slaves would die while they were working because the slaves owners would live in a log run down cabin the slave owners would not feed them he would leave them to find there own food. that was about how slaves where worked as hard as there owners could get them to.


This writting was about slavery and Indentured servants. as you can see slavery was a brutal and you would never want to be a slave. As you can see being an Indentured servant want as hard as being a slave butt you still had hard work. Now you can see how being a slave was'ant plesant .


1. Indentured Servant: A person who sings and is bound by indentures to work for another for a specified time especilly in return for pay meet of travle expenses and mait enance.

2. Slave: Someone who is legaly owned by another person and is forced to work for that person without pay.

3. Plantashion: A large farm that grows cash crops like, indigo, tabbaco,rice and cotten.


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