Mason Byler


Walruses are unique animals because their is nothing like it. Walruses live in cold areas. Next they eat a selection of food. Also they can grow several feet. Walruses are intrasting animals.

The Water Life

It's a mystery were the walruses live do they live on land or water? Walruses live between Canada to Greenland. They prefer to live in shallow waters. Next the walruses live South Arctic,North Atlantic, and North Pacific Ocean. In addition to the sea and ice they can also be found on beaches and rocky Island. Walruses are versatile they live on land and water and they breathe oxygen.


Did you know most walruses don't eat penguins. Each walruses finds food by diving head first into the water at the Ocean bottom. It's 45 sensitive whiskers act like sensors in the dark murky water. Walruses eat shellfish crabs and sea urchins. And eat thousands of small clams eater in one meal. As a result they eat a verity of food.


Most people think walruses are ugly because of there weird tusks on there face. Tusks can grow as much as 3ft or more and weighs over 11lb (5kg). The two tusks on walruses tell the other walruses who's boss. Size 9-12ft (2.7-3.6m) long weighs up to 3,000 pounds. Lifespan is mor then 40years. Walruses are ugly but they are interesting of how they move and have no feet.


First walruses are slothful on land because they are slow on land. Walruses like to live in cold places. Next walruses like to eat lots of sea urchins. Walruses are massive animals that slither across the land. Finally walruses are incredible animals.


Tusks: a very long tooth that sticks out of its moth.

Sea urchins: a small sea animal that lives on the ocean floor.

Versatile: able to do many different things.


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All About the Author

Hi my name is Mason Byler I like to go swimming and sleep and go to the beach. And I like soccer I played soccer for three years.