First Quarter Counselor's Corner

at Potomac View Elementary School

Overview of School Counseling Program

Our school counseling program is designed to help students achieve social/emotion, academic and career success. Our program is designed to empower students to reach their highest potential through classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling and small group counseling. In addition to working with students, as school counselors we also collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators and other stakeholders to help our students achieve success.

How to see a School Counselor:

1. Ask a teacher

2. Ask a parent

3. Fill out a referral form

4. Email the school counselors

Miss Parker:, Mr. Baker:

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What we are learning in School Counseling Lessons (1st Quarter):

Miss Parker will teach lessons to grades: K,2,4

Mr. Baker will teach lessons to grades: 1,3,5

1. Role of a counselor

2. Internet Safety

3. Focus and Attention

4. Listening skills

5. Ignoring Distractions

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