Jeremiah Lucero


Traveling to the Bahamas

How I will get to the Bahamas is by a cruise ship.But first I need to fly to Miami the cost is $302 there and back I leave at 1:00am from Denver to Miami my way back is at 6:30am from Miami to Denver. Starting in Miami go to the Bahamas the cost to get there by ship is $419.

Where to stay

You can get a high quality hotel for only $358 dollars a night for 3 people for 3 different rooms. It, also, has an outdoor pool and all you can eat buffet breakfast. All at the Valentine Resort.


Sit and relax at the beach and soak up the sun for no cost and swimming in the ocean.

Scubba diving is only $99 dollars per person.

Free port bonfire on the beach bahmas syle $59 dollars.

blue shark golf club for $100 dollars.


Problem:The Bahamas is challenged by the unacceptable level of crime in our country. Prison statistics reveal that more than 90% of those involved in crime are male; is about 9 out of 10 are Bahamian nationals; 2 out of 3 are under the age of 35 and fewer than 25% admitted to prison have a high school diploma.

Solution:The Government’s goal is to improve the quality of life and the standard of living of all our citizens, including those, who, for one reason or another, find themselves incarcerated in prison. The prison is required by law to ensure that all suitable inmates are taught a trade and that they are exposed to educational opportunities, particularly those inmates who are in need of remedial



I learned there is bad crimes in the Bahamas and that there are more activities than I thought there were. Also I am surprised by how long ago they were found or explored. Lastly I am surprised by there long history.

History and culture

1492 discovered by Christopher Columbus. Also from 1861 to 1865, The Islands Of The Bahamas benefited greatly from the U.S. Civil War. Britain’s textile industry depended on Southern cotton; however, the Union blockaded British ships from reaching Southern ports. So blockade runners from Charleston met British ships here and traded cotton for British goods. Upon their return, they sold their shipment for huge profits. The end of the Civil War marked the end of prosperity. In 1919, the United States passed the 18th amendment prohibiting alcohol. The colonial government expanded Prince George Wharf in Nassau to accommodate the flow of alcohol. When Prohibition ended in 1934 so did the enormous revenues. Combined with the collapse of the sponge harvesting industry, it economically devastated The Bahamas.

About the traveler

I like to golf.

I like to swim.

I like to go tubing and boating.

Last of all I like to travel and explore.