Accomplishing Great Things

Brooke Gabler: Period:4-5

Analysis of the Development of theme

In the book "Freak The Mighty" the characters are both very different. Max is super tall and has learning disabilities, and Freak is very small, but is very intelligent. These two characters are very different from everyone else in the book. They get bullied, and they get made fun of but, that does not stop them. Max and Freak become the best of friends, and stand up to all of these rude people. The two characters influence the whole story. They make it way more interesting. In the book it says,"I have never had a brain until Freak came along." (page:1) Max has troubles learning new things. When freak comes along, he helps Max and together they accomplish many things. Another example is when Max says,"Even though Freak is crippled, he saved me."(page: 149) That shows that crippled, or disabled kids can do very great things.

Reflection and Application of Theme

Throughout the book the author explains how Freak and Max are very different. They stand up to bullies. They go on many quests and adventures that always get solved. I totally agree with the theme the author was trying to explain. He developed it very well. Throughout the book, he gives little hints which leads to a good ending. Freak ends up saving Max when his dad is trying to kill him. The theme of the book can relate to me and my life because, I see many disabled kids everyday. They are always giving high fives, and trying to be as nice as they can.


In the story "Freak The Mighty" it tells about the life of Freak and Max. They are two very different kids who conquer many problems in their life. It all takes place when Freak and Max are in their teenage years. These kids love to solve quests, and conflicts that happen around their neighborhood. Many kids who go to school with Freak and Max, make fun of them for being different. For example, everyone knows Max's dad by the name of "Killer Kane". Max is not at all like his dad, and he turns out way better than his dad. You will find out the events that take place in that situation. The author explains how it is okay to be different then everyone else. You can still accomplish many great things in your life.

Author Information

The author of the book "Freak The Mighty" is Rodman Philbrick. The publishing company is Blue Sky/Scholastic. It was published in the year 1993. The media type of the book was in print.