My Smore Flyer

Progressive Era

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Child Labor

This picture is portraying that the kids are upset because they think they should be going to school rather than working. This is referring to Child labor during the Progressive Era. Not only did this affect America but it affected lives forever. This is simply stating that the children should go to school not work and eventually durning history this becomes a law that kids have to go to school.
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Settlement House

This above is a settlement house where women lived during the Progressive Era. This house that only had women in it. It helped with childcare, meeting places and healthcare for women and children.
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This is men that are opposed to Women Suffrage. This has to do with the Suffragettes during the time of womens rights. Men wanted the women to not have any control whatsoever but the women deserve these rights so they decided to vote on it.
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Banning Alcohol

The women wanted to banned Alcohol because the women didnt like it in the house. This also passed
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Booker T Washington

This is Booker T Washington and he was in the discrimination time period during the Progressive Era. He was the first leader African American Community.