Forrest News

News From a Little Wolf Pup

This is a video of the Great Howl

The Great Howl is a howl that all the wolves in a pack join in together, to send thanks to Moon-Wolf, but as a pup you can't really howl, :C
Awesome Wolf Howling Compilation

Inspirational quote

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Here's a Wolf Song Video

I found this video a Human made and thought it was cool so hope you like it! *^w^*
Wolf Song (Just call my name I'll be there)

Fun Facts

  • Wolves are really fast (up to 37 mph)
  • Wolves are fluffy
  • Wolves are NOT humans (seriously you humans should know that)


The funny thing is the humans think all we eat are rabbits, deer and squirrel, when we eat green-red fruit (what humans call watermelon), and berries too. the humans also think we eat their animals when we only do that if there's not much other things in the forest.

Deer hunting for humans

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 12:15am

Michigan, United States


this is the time to be cautious cause the humans bring weapons into the woods and might mistake us for deer.

Claws and Fangs

this is a famous group in side of every pack and they're job is to protect the pack and keep food from being stolen and i end this news with a howl to the fallen, bye!