Spring Tech News

News and Ideas for Teachers and Students

Summer PD Opportunities

Teachers are invited to participate in summer PD the week of July 6th at the PDC. Blending Office and the TSS for Increased Engagement will provide teachers with a general overview of Office 365 along with a more in depth look at the OneNote Class Notebook. Teachers will also learn how to use Office 365 and other resources to build their courses in the TSS to create a hybrid learning environment that is perfect for use in a blended learning classroom.

  • Possible AUs or MSDE could be earned for completion of this course. (Pending Approval)
  • Hurry, space is limited!

Teachers can also register for single day Office 365 Overview training sessions at the PDC during that same week.

To register, click one of the course dates below:


Logins for Students in All Grades

While students in grades 6-12 have had network logins for almost a year, IT has just created logins and network accounts for students in grades PreK-5. This gives students a unique identity on the network and provides better access to district tools like Office 365.

Students can now log in with their usernames and passwords. In order to do so, though, students will first have to change the initial password assigned to them. Passwords will be reset at the beginning of each school year and students will have to change the password the first time they log-in every fall.

Click here to learn more about student passwords.

Student Advantage from Microsoft

One of the benefits of unique student logins is the ability for students to participate in Microsoft's Student Advantage program. All students can download up to 5 FREE full versions of Microsoft Office Suite. These can be installed on the family computer, a neighbor's computer or any other computer that a student uses for school work. These accounts are valid for as long as the student is enrolled at a Baltimore City Public School.

Additionally, students can use their Office 365 account to access Microsoft tools and apps on any mobile device.

Click here to learn more about how students log into Office 365.

Teacher Advantage from Microsoft

Teachers - you didn't think we'd leave you out, did you? You can also download 5 FREE full versions of Microsoft Office using your Office 365 login information. You can install these on any personal computer. These remain available to you for your tenure with the district.

Additionally, like the students, you can access Office 365 and the Office apps on any mobile device.

Click here to learn about downloading Office 365.

Quarter 4 PTG to SMS Syncs

  • High School Seniors: Q4 Report Card Sync 5/11 - 5/15
  • All Other Students: Q4 Report Card Sync 6/9 -6/16

Elementary and K-8 teachers should remember that the final grades will not automatically calculate in PTG and must be manually entered under the Final Grade Term. Click the links below to learn more about this and other PTG tips: