enjoy the glaciers from 2.6 MILLION years ago

The movement of Iowa!!!!!!!!

When Iowa was covered in Glaciers it moved ALL of Iowa. 1719 FEET to be exact. The major reason of why that is important is because if Iowa didn't move the Mississippi river would not be where they were today.

The same Glaciers?????

Did you know that a lot of the same glaciers came and retreated over and over again.

Did you know that the biggest Glacier was 60 MILES WIDE AND 270 MILES LONG

Frequently asked questions

Q. How many different Glaciers where there

A. There are a range of different answers because the scientists don't really know most people say between 4 and 11

Q.Where did the glaciers come from.

A. The glaciers that hit Iowa mainly came from Canada.

Q.Was all of Iowa covered in ice.

A. The short answer is yes