Shawnee, Oklahoma May 19, 2013 & Moore, Oklahoma


A destructive, rotating column of air that has very high wind speeds and that maybe visible as a funnel shaped cloud.
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Formation of a Tornado

Shawnee, Oklahoma

The tornado in Shawnee Oklahoma on May 19 brought hail the size of a softball, wind gust and heavy rainfall, the tornado tore through Shawnee Oklahoma on Sunday, it destroyed 300 homes. There was two people killed and 21 hurt.A tornado is a destructive, rotating column of air that has a high wind speeds and that maybe visible as a funnel-shape cloud.

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Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

On May 20, 2013 a tornado hit Oklahoma Moore, the tornado was a miles long and had a wind speed of 190 mph. It destroyed 17 miles long across Moore and the neighbor community Newcastle. Plaza tower elementary school was destroyed by the tornado, 24 people died out the 24 nine of them were children at Plaza Tower Elementary School. There is 237 people injured by the storm.
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The Fujita-Pearson Scale

The Fujita Scale or more popular name is the F scale is used to measure the intensity of a tornado based on the amount of damage done by a passing tornado over and area
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Tornado Alley










City's Affected

Other city that were affected by the tornado are Kansas, Illinois and Iowa, up to 28 tornados affected these areas including Oklahoma.


Moore and Shawnee, Oklahoma have through a devastated time this past week. The tornado alley is we're a lot of tornados happen, these tornados have destroyed homes an people life's. the speeds of the winds were from 200 to 210.
5/20/13 Moore, OK EF-5 Tornado