Montessori 4th Grade


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Learning the Scientific Method

LIteracy Day and Peace Day Activities with Buddies

Calling All Parents and Volunteers

NPS is encouraging more career education and field trips to help students reach their goals in life. Please complete the Google Form below if you could come to our classroom to share your career or arrange a field trip to your business. If you happen to have a special interest that would be educational, we would encourage you to share it as well. The best time to come to the classroom would be any Friday at 2:30PM. Hope to hear from many of you!

Grandparent's Day

Drain Campaign Guests

Soybean Guest Speaker

Red Ribbon Week

Packaging at Mercy Meals

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Youth Crop Day

Madison County Science Expo

OREO "Our Really Exciting Online" Project


Board Game Fun

Science Day Projects

Lincoln Field Trip