La Universidad de Tejas

By Abigail Garza

Who/What is the mascot?

The mascot is a longhorn named Bevo.

Where is it located?

The University of Texas is located in Austin Texas.

Interesting facts

  • Ranked #53 National University
  • Founded in 1883
  • The President of UT is William Powers Jr.
  • 17 schools that are a part of UT.

Application Requirements

  • 4 credits of English, Science, Social Studies, Math
  • 2 years of a foreign language
  • College transcripts (Dual-Credit)
  • SAT above 1600
  • ACT of 26 or above
  • GPA of 3.0 or above

What is the freshman population? What is the acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate is 40.2% as of 2015. The undergraduates population is 39,979 people.

What is the cost of living at the university?

The typical room with a secluded bedroom and bathroom is $6,821.

subjuntivo conjugacion

  1. Conjugate into 'yo' form
  2. Remove the 'o'
  3. Add the new ending (ar>er and er/ir>ar)


  • a
  • as
  • a
  • amos
  • an


-desear, esperar, exigir, insistir, preferir, querer, pedir, necesitar, etc.


-alegrarse enojar, sentir, encantar, lamentar, sorprender, etc.

Impersonal expressions

- es, extraño que, es importante que, es fantástico que, etc.


-reconmendar, sugerir, aconsejar, ordenar, mandar, insistir, etc.

Doubt and Denial

-Dudar, no creer, no estar seguro, no parecer, no comprender, no pensar, no es cierto que, etc.



  • e
  • es
  • e
  • emos
  • en