American History I

Greyson Clark

Famous People

William Penn - He founded Pennsylvania in 1682. It had a religion that was mainly Quakers.

Thomas Jefferson - He was the 3rd President. He was President from 1801-1809.

John Peter Zenger - He was a journalist and newspaper editor. He was on trial of his lies.

J. Hector Crevecoeur - He was a French settler in the Colonies. He wrote about America.

John Smith - He founded Virginia in 1607. It's religion was mainly Anglican.

Famous Places

Battle of Bull Run - It was the 1st major battle of the Civil War.

Jamestown, Virginia - It was a successful town in the Colonies.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - It's the place where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.

Appomattox - It's the place where the South surrendered during the Civil War.

Texas - It joined the U.S which angered Mexico. That started the Mexican-American war.

Famous Inventions

Barbed Wire Fence - It was invented by Joseph Glidden. He made it to keep the animals from eating his crops.

Bifocals - It was created by George Washington. He knew people needed them to see.

Morse Code - It was made by Samuel Morse. It was a way for people ti communicate with each other across the nation.

Cotton Gin - It was made to increase profit in the South. The slaves used them.

Colt .45 - It was the fastest revolver in the West. It costed half of the cowboys monthly pay.

Famous Conflicts

Civil War - It was a war between the North and South over slavery.

Indian Removal Act - It was an act that removed the Indians from their home land.

Black Hawk War - It was a war between Illinois and Wisconsin.

Fort Laramie Treaty - It attempted to stop conflict. It was usually violated.

Mexican-American War - It was caused by Texas joining the U.S after Mexico told them no.

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