From the Camp Office

Fall Happenings

It has been a beautiful fall here at the camp and we have had a lot of people to share it with. We kicked things off in September with the Middle School Deeper Life Retreat and the Women's Retreat in October, which we shared with you in our last update. Since then we have hosted the College Retreat, High School Deeper Life Retreat and the Old Fashioned Camp Meeting. Each had its own unique experience and we were glad to be part of it.

College Retreat

This year's College Retreat was titled "Suit up" and focused on putting on the full armor of God and going to battle against the enemy. There were around 60 students and leaders here and it was a powerful weekend of worship and discipleship. Josh Cox, along with several other youth ministers, headed up the weekend and brought the message while Wire Method lead everyone into a time of worship. It was a great weekend and we are already looking forward to next year!

Old Fashioned Camp Meeting

We had a large group here in October camping out and in campers for the annual Old Fashioned Camp Meeting. There were several different speakers and some of the old songs being sung. It was a great week of fellowship and definitely some great food!

High School Deeper Life Retreat

The first weekend in November was our High School Deeper Life Retreat. We had over 230 students and leaders here, which is more than we've ever had before! There were people camping out, some staying off campus and some staying in the gym of Harvest Christian Church, but there was a place for everyone! Some of our area youth ministers brought the message of becoming a "Kamikaze Disciple" by denying themselves and taking up their cross daily to follow Jesus and Wire Method lead us into a time of worship. It was a powerful weekend and really a time of going deeper.

Harvest Offering

Our Harvest Offering this year is going towards the cost of paving the roads up to the boy's and girl's cabins. After all the rain from this summer and the dirt and gravel washing downhill so much we are excited about this addition to the camp. If you would like to help in this offering you can make checks payable to North Georgia Christian Camp and mail them to 531 Christian Camp Lane, Clarkesville, GA 30523. Thank you.

Children's Retreat

Friday, March 7th, 5pm to Saturday, March 8th, 5pm

531 Christian Camp Lane

Clarkesville, GA

We are excited to offer a Children's Retreat this upcoming spring. Stay tuned for more information.

Saint's Alive

Thursday, May 1st, 10am

531 Christian Camp Lane

Clarkesville, GA

Stay tuned for our upcoming Saint's Alive day here at the camp!