Eating Disorders

A topic all too common

How do you think learning about eating disorders can help prevent them?

I think that by being properly educated when it comes to eating disorders someone can get a community to be more aware of the disorders so that it can be prevented, knowing the warning signs of an eating disorder can save lives.

Being a good role model

Many eating disorders can go unseen and unknown so it's very important for young people need to keep an eye out for. By being properly educated you can help others that have the eating disorders get through it, maybe even snap them out of the disorder. Being there for them is the most important thing you can do

By what qualities do you think people should be judged? Why?

When it comes to eating disorders in people you have to be careful on how to approach someone you may think is harming themselves or putting themselves at risk of having an eating disorder. For example, if you came up to them and just blurted out "do you have anorexia?" And they actually did how bad do you think they would feel? Or if they didn't have it and your were wrong how bad would YOU feel?

"Bad" Food

Finding food for someone with an eating disorder can be challenge. Some can look at food as an escape from their issues and problems that they need to deal with. Then there are some people who avoid eating entirely. It all depends on what they have going on. Food can cause them stress and eating can make them worry about weight and appearance in public.

How Media impacts more than you think

More than half of clothing, athletic images, and commercials promote staying in shape and eating health. Seeing skinny models wearing expensive clothes just throws your imagination "what if I was that skinny?". It's basically an indirect message, or something without actual writing it out or publicly saying, "you should be thin".