By: Briauna Cappio

Selena Gomez's Childhood

Have you ever heard of Selena Gomez? If you haven't well here I am. Selena Marie Gomez is a super famous pop-singer. From just at the age of seven. Selena Gomez has always been a star.If you want to know more about Selena. Then keep reading my friend.

Selena Marie Gomez is an american actress and singer. She was born in Grand Prairie, Texas on July 22, 1992.When Selena's mom and dad had her they were still teenagers in high school, so when Selena was growing up her grandparents took care of her. She called them Nana and Papa. She loved her grandparents very much.

Selena's parents names are Amanda Cornett , but some people called her Mandy. Selena's dad's name is Ricardo Gomez. When Selena's mom had her she was sixteen and Selena's dad was seventeen.When Selena was seven her parents got divorced. Selena said" she just remembers being sad and angry". After Selena's parents got divorced.Selena's mom and her moved to apartments and Selena hardly saw her dad.

When Selena was eight years old. Her mom took her to her first audition. It was for the show Barney and Friends. The show was taking place in Dallas, Texas at the time. Selena said" she remembers being nervous about auditions because there were over 200 other kids in front of her in line". Her mom said " when auditions were over Selena felt sad because she thought she did a horrible job, but a few weeks later the show called her mom and said they thought she did an amazing job at auditions.

WOW!! I think that was an amazing article on Selena Gomez's childhood. I sure can relate to some of the events in this article. Can you? I hope you enjoyed my article and get a chance to read it again.