April 27 - May 1

Teacher Appreciation Week!

News This Week

Biography report information will be coming home with your child this week. Please try to pick a subject as quickly as possible so we can get started.

We have many important dates coming up you will want to put on your calendars:

May 13 - Public Works Day
We will walk to the baseball park to see the public works trucks. This will take place the first 1/2 of the day.

May 14 - AR Reward Day
Out of uniform only for those students making both their point and average goal. A pass will be sent home ahead of time.

May 15 - Field Day
You will get more information, but this is an entirely outdoor day. We'd love to have parents join us as we move through events.

May 19 - Camp Read-A-Lot
This is in class and a special day for reading. We need Hershey's, graham crackers, and marsh mellows donated to run our solar ovens we will build!

May 20 - 1st Grade Fun Day
This day is outside and we will have a pizza lunch. You will get a note about sending in a small fee to help cover all the activities and food. Parents are welcome.

May 21 - May Day Park
We will take a walking trip to May Day Park with a couple other classes. First grade will divide this up over the week, so not every class will go the same day.

This is the last day of school and a 1/2 day for students. Class will dismiss at 11:40 for car line and 12:00 for third-bell kids.

Snow Wizard - $1.00 - Tuesday

Studies This Week

  • Story: Reading Street Unit 5, Week 5 - Alexander Graham Bell
  • Skills: Drawing Conclusions & Text Features
  • Phonics: /aw/ and /ou/
  • Phonics: Short e spelled ea
  • Sight words: built, early, earn, science, through
  • Practice at home: Read decodables and AR books


  • Practice spelling and writing words.
  • Visit spellingcity.com/meverette for more practice.
  • Words this week: saw, draw, crawl, straw, law, jaw, paw, lawn, yawn, hawk


  • Unit 8 - Twos, Fives, and Tens
  • We are working on "plus 10" which is knowing 9 + 6 = 10 + 5 or 6 + 7 = 10 + _____
  • We will finish Unit 8 and start Unit 9, which is out last math unit (about 3D shapes)


These words are used in English, math, or science we will learn throughout the week. Words are NOT tested, but will help understanding. Students are not expected to be able to spell these words.

  • biplane, determined, inventor, sketch, speech, stable, stalled, technology
  • counting on, addition equation, pattern, equal groups, combine, addend, less than, equals, combination, sum
  • root, stem, bud, flower, leaf, photosynthesis, grow, sprout, soil

Writing & Grammar

  • Pronouns- I and me - when to use them in a sentence
  • Written responses - how to answer questions fully
  • Expository (factual/explaining) writing


    • Plants

    Social Studies:

    • Celebrating America, American Monuments
    • Biographies

    Dates to Know

    27- Teacher Appreciation Week

    28- Snow Wizard

    PTA- 2nd Grade Performance 6:00

    29- K Registration


    1- Special Olympics

    6- K Orientation

    8- Final Library Day

    9- PTA Landscape Day to get ready for Field Day

    10- Mother's Day

    13- Daphne Public Work's Day

    14- 1st Grade AR Award Day

    15- Field Day

    19- K End Year Program 10:30

    3rd Farewell Program 1:30

    Daphne High Graduation 7:00

    20- K End Year Program 10:30

    3rd Farewell Program 1:30

    21- 3rd Grade End Year

    K End Year 10:30

    22- Last Day for students 1/2 Day dismissal

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