Parenting 6th Period

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Preventing Falls

By: Hannah Burgess

Other Info on How to Prevent Falls


Keep long pants or long shorts covering the knees on your cruising toddler when he is outside exploring.Keep close to your baby to keep him out of harm’s way.Teach him how to climb the stairs, but don’t let him access the stairs without you before he is ready.Be sure his crib is in the lowest position when he starts to walk, to ensure he doesn’t climb out and fall. Remove his mobile when he begins to stand.

How to Help Prevent Falls:

Furniture: Do not place toys or items that attract children on top of furniture. Place furniture away from windows, and secure it to the wall with anchor straps. Stairs:Install safety gates at the top and the bottom of staircases. Actively supervise toddlers on stairs. Hold their hands when climbing up and down stairs. Make sure stairs are clear of toys and other objects. Windows: Install safety guards on windows. Screens are mean to keep bugs out, not children in. Keep windows locked when they’re closed.