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Reading accommodations

Denise DeCoste, an OT who has been influential in the world of assistive technology, brings you several tools to use for guided selection of assistive technology for reading and writing. Here are two tools to check out:

-information retrieved from the Don Johnston website:

1. PAR

PAR (Protocol for Accommodations in Reading) provides you with all you need to systematize your procedures for making data-based reading accommodation recommendations for students! Developed by Dr. Denise DeCoste, author of the widely embraced DeCoste Writing Protocol, and Linda Bastiani Wilson.

PAR gives you the concrete documentation you need for IEP meetings, while also helping to guide you in making appropriate decisions about suitable reading accommodations that are based on student-specific evidence.

What’s New?

  • 1st and 2nd grade reading passages and comprehension questions — PAR now includes new narrative and expository reading passages and scoring forms for your 1st and 2nd grade-level readers.
  • Better accessibility for use with any text reader — To help you better assess your students no matter the technology on hand, all of the reading passages have been converted to a plain text format.
  • Revised scoring forms — Several of the scoring form questions have been revised for clarification, thanks to the feedback from your fellow PAR users!

2. DeCoste Writing Protocol

This newly released version replaces the Written Productivity Protocol (2004).

A single version $25.00

site licenses are available

This tool gives you a guided method to look at writing vs. typing for the writing process

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try it with anyone, even students for ESL, learning disabilities & reading disabilities


Joy Zaballa- creator of the SETT framework acronym


Click BOOKSHARE.ORG to go directly to their website to learn more about this free book resource for students who qualify under the Chafee Amendment (17 USC §121), (not an IEP category).

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