Burger King Virtua' University

"Come get some nuggets."

Have it YOUR way.

At BKVU, we specialize in serving quality food with very little effort, hygiene or class. Wake up in your Texas Department of Corrections jumpsuit on the side of the road this morning?? Come on in! Did you smoke meth out of a light bulb five minutes ago? Our doors are open! Smell like a lit carton of cigarettes and gasoline? We have a seat for you!

What does BKVU offer?

Our founder and CEO...

Often found swerving in between lanes on HWY 259, our founder "The King" is always dressed to impress and exudes professionalism and cleanliness. Don't be fooled by imitators like Ronald MacDonald or Jack from Jack in the Box... The King has hundreds of friends in low places across Gregg and Rusk County and can obtain anything that you need to make your BKVU experience a great one!! HAVE IT YOUR WAY at BKVU!

*Transportation to BKVU not included.