Français 2 - week 10

le 26 - 30 octobre

First quarter and midterm over; heading to the finish line!

Bravo to all the French students! Midterms are done; assignments submitted - 1st 9 week grades are coming out!

A reminder: Your student needs to be submitting TWO ASSIGNMENTS a day to stay on track. How is your student doing?

Fall Break??

NCVPS does not take off days for fall break since it's an online class. So, if your student is on fall break, they may keep working! If they are out of town with no internet access, I will be posting this week and next week's assignments so they can get ahead.

What's due when?

RLCs - required live classrooms

An opportunity for your student to work with an online teacher in a "online live classroom". The schedule for unit 6 is:


Laurie Gaitskill
Monday 10/26 730pm

Annette Frey
Thursday 10/29 at 12: 30 noon


Alexa Haselhorst Monday Nov 2: 8:00/10:30/2:00

Georgiana Scrisu Monday 11/2 at 8 pm

Marjorie Baker Wednesday 11/4 at 8PM

Kristin Bunphitak Thursday 11/5 at 8PM

There are many options for your student to meet with French 2 teachers (and other students!) Hope to see your student there!

Mme Laurie Gaitskill

Unit 6 is about LA MAISON. Ma famille et moi, nous avons acheté une maison!! Nous avons quatre chambres et trois salles de bain. Ask your student to text me and tell me what MA MAISON is like in English for extra credit :)