Nuclear Fusion

The Sun's energy

New Discovery on the Sun's Energy!

This is Duncan Munro for the times newspaper and a scientist by the name of Ralph Bailey just discovered how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source. He discovered it on June 2nd, 2013 and has been doing research ever since the discover. His la here in Trenton, New Jersey is covered in notes and ideas. If you don't know what nuclear fusion is, then I will explain. It is when two hydrogen molecules slam into each other to create a helium molecule. It takes huge masses amounts of energy and only happens on the sun and hydrogen bombs. Dr. Bailey researched this, because it is much cleaner, affordable, and stronger then nuclear fission. what Dr. Bailey has done is create solar powered lasers guide the molecules to a single air tight containment cell( the cell is almost 5600 K, almost as hot as the surface of the sun). They then force the molecules together and use the energy for electricity.

Differences between Nuclear energies

Nuclear fission is much more attainable and easier to produce then nuclear fusion until now Nuclear fission is when a uranium molecule rips itself apart and creates energy. The only poor part of this source of energy is that it causes lots of radioactive waste and it has high costs to keep the plants safe. Nuclear fusion is when two hydrogen molecules slam into each other to form one helium molecule. Ralph's discovery has proven nuclear fusion to be cleaner, more affordable, and more powerful then nuclear fission. One thing nuclear fusion and fission have is that they both use the same formula of E=MC2.

Safety Concerns

With Dr. Bailey's new discovery he has figured that as long as nuclear fusion plants are used at the same safety precautions as fission plants there should be almost no risk of accidents.

Economic Impact

Dr. Bailey being from the United States, will have the pride of the U.S.A of using his discovery first. The economic impact of Bailey's discoveries is absolutely positive. It will create more jobs for the unemployed and create cleaner energy to be used for powering cities. This will drive the United State;s economy and have the people prosper as well. The GDP will increase along with the overall happiness causing the U.S to be a happier and socially equal society.