The Hard Working Ants

By Raquel peralta

How are ants Important insects?

Ants are hard workers. Ants work hard by getting food. Ants work till they die. Ants have been working more than 100 million years.ants are one of the strongest insects On earth.Ants work upside down.Ants work 19 hours a day.13.1 mega joule is like carrying a rock.Ants are the worlds important insects. Ants have been around for a long time.

Why Do Ants Sleep A lot ?

Ants sleep a lot. They stand up when their asleep. They take 250 naps a day! WOW! They sleep a lot! However, those naps only last for a minute. That is a little less than 5 hours when you need to sleep



What Do Ants Eat?

Ants eat leafs, but when all of the ants get hungry they all try to find a lot of leafs. They also need fungus to keep all there energy to look for food. Ants have to stay strong for there health.

Where Do Ants Live? & What Do Ants Do.

Ants make their home. Ants gather up to get sticks. So they can make their home. Ants build their home underground. Ants love helping each other.

Ants plow more than Beatles. Ants dig by scapping their mandibles (jaws). The out number is 7 to 1. Ants begin their lives by cleaning them selves. Tunneling out of jungles and forest and into back yards on every continent except Antarctica, ants ramble as if they own the earth.