Qualities of Great Leaders

And Their Influences on Society

Communication, Confidence, and Humility

What is Leadership?

Leadership is defined as the possession of social influential capabilities.

Why are these qualities important and how do they influence society?

The qualities of humility, communication, and confidence are important for society's leaders because they allow leaders to be seen as a role model, to convey messages that unite and inspire, and to place confidence in the hearts of followers.

The Influence of Humility on Society

Leader is Seen as a Role Model as Seen Through Mahatma Gandhi

  • Liberated India from the Imperial rule of Great Britian through passive resistance
  • Gandhi abolished the class/caste system and ended the segregation of "untouchables" and
  • Expanded on Women's rights and helped those in poverty
  • Gandhi was capable of all this though he was a simple man born to a merchant class family, a true man of the people

The Influence of Communication on Society

Inpiring and Uniting as Seen Through Winston Churchill

  • Conveyed his point civilly through powerful speeches and his tone of voice
  • WW2 was beginning fought around this time and Churchill was the leader of Great Britain
  • In one of his speeches he says,"We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, ... , we shall defend out island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on beaches, ... , we shall never surrender."
  • This unified and inspired his country by creating a common sense of determination about winning the war

The Influnce of Confidence on Society

Places Confidence in Hearts of Followers as Seen Through Brutus of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

  • Brutus had extreme confidence in his actions and believed his cause to be just
  • He was against a pact as he stated that pacts were for those who are in the wrong
  • Declared that the group swear an oath instead for the justice of Rome
  • Brutus' confidence was so strong that it inspired those around him

In conclusion...

  • Humility is used by leaders so that their followers see the leader as a role model
  • Communication is used by leaders to convey messages that can inspire and unite their followers
  • Confidence is used by leaders to place confidence in the hearts of followers