4th Grade Newsletter

May 30th-June 3rd

Enjoy your 4 day weekend! No School on Monday, May 30th

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Tuesday, May 31st is our Graduation Party

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We will have a water day to celebrate our 4th graders and the end of their year!

* Come with your bathing suit on (shorts over it for girls) and your field day or Jade shirt on

* Send Sunscreen to reapply later

* Extra Clothes

* Send a bag for wet clothes

* Bring a towel

Math this Week:

Reading this Week:

Writing this Week:

Science this Week:

Explore how adaptations enable organisms to survive in their environments such as leaves on plants and birds’ beaks.

Demonstrate that some likenesses between parents and offspring are inherited and other likenesses are learned behaviors.

Explore and compare the life cycles in living organisms including butterflies and radishes.

Social Studies this Week:

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This is your last week to help!

We are collecting tabs for the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth from now until the end of the school year. There will be one container in your teacher’s lounge and another in the front office. Thanks for your help!

Next Year's Cora Spencer School Supplies

Prepackaged school supply packs are now on sale. You can visit www.educationalproducts.com/shoppacks and enter our school code SPE038 (that’s a zero, not an O). Be sure to order for the grade your child will be in next year!
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Important Dates to Remember

Monday, May 30th- No School

Tuesday, May 31st-4th Grade Graduation Party! Water Day from 8:00-12:00. We need all our kids to stay until the end of the day so we can practice for our awards. Thank you!

Wednesday, June 1st- 4th grade awards at 9:45

Wednesday, June 1st is now the last day of school for students (full day).

Have a safe and wonderful Summer! We have truly enjoyed your children and hope they will come back to see us next year!
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Thank you for sharing your kids with us! Your 4th Grade Team!