The Holocaust

Israel Tellez-1

A Changed Man

Large number of small children were take to death camps if there were not selected for medical experimentation, they were immediately gassed. There was a man who was a nazi and he watched as the kids went by and sang there kindergarten song while there parents worked .One evening, as he watched ,the children and they did not return . He was shocked as he realized what must have happened to them . It changed the mans life forever. His name was Oskar schindel.

Massacre At Babi Yar

In 1941, Ukraine was still part of the Soviet Union. On the day of 1941, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and occupied much of Ukraine between September 29 and 30, 1941, 33,000 Ukraine Jews were moved from Ukraine on a cold day wile they were walking most of them were shot and killed the road of the city became full of dead bloody ,dirty ,bodies of those shot on the way.Ukraine Jews were ordered to hand over all possessions even there clothing. They were forced to line up next to each to a wall and all were killed. There were death squads called Einsazgruppen these killing units operated all over estern Europe this was one aspect of his so called "final solution".

The Holocaust

The holocaust started on the day of January 30,1933. Life in the ghetto. The living conditions were hard in the ghetto..the ghetto was very very overcrowd in Poland, it held 400,000 people...there was no clean water the food was scarce and there was no heating on the cold winter days they were very cold and if they had no heating this meant they would die from freezing. Disease was rampant.There were medical experiments on the disease were called Hepatitis, Tuberculosis,and Malaria.