The most dangerous night of ther lives...

By Ivy Ruckman


Dan, Arthur, Stacy, Mrs. Hatch, Mr. Hatch,

Mrs. Darlington, Mr. Darlington, Ryan, Officer Kelly,

Aunt Goldie, Mrs. Smiley, Ronnie Vae, Minerva,

Minerva2, Mrs.mittin, Grandma Hatch,

Grandpa hatch, Princes Flybag.


B:Dan & Arthur are stuck at Dan's house four a tornado but the house is to damaged but they cant get out & it's flooding. Stacy came & had to lead them back to a bus wear they were safe.

M:They are at the poleis head courters wear they stade the night then they left to find there family.

E: They had a big celebration after the storm but then they learned Dan's grandma was not able to com because she was dead.


There basement celling got ripped off, then they got out and lead by Stacy.

Kelly lost his site on the way to K-mart, Dan derived them to the poles hedcorders.


Arthur: I've got to get home,

Dan: no you cant its to dangers ,

Fun facts

Home alone during the tornado.

Dan drives a police car.

Seven tornados in one hour.


Grand Island Nebraska.