Window Observer

A murder mystery in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, New York 1954

New York is full of life. People go along without noticing anything around them. But what if you're unable to move and all is there to do is observe through the window whats happening on the outside. This is similar to what L.B. Jefferies went through. After being in a terrible accident, putting one of his legs in a cast, all he did all day was sit on his wheelchair and see his neighbors through the window. He watched up to the point where he didn't see anything new anymore, until one night.

Jeff watched as Mr. and Mrs. Thorwald were having a little disagreement. Emma was a sick lady that needed assistance and Lars seemed a bit annoyed with the situations. Jeff witnessed when Mrs. Thorwald laughed at her husband for his disloyalty and foolishness. It looked like as if she was somehow used to t, her face expressions said it all. That same night Jeff heard a loud scream and saw violent shadows. After a couple minutes, he noticed Lars Thorwald was taking many trips throughout the night. The next day, Jeff took a closer look and saw Thorwald clean a a big knife and putting it away. Days later, a neighbor cried about her dead dog, and the only one who didn't peeked out to see what was going on was Lars Thorwald. His wife was no where in sight ever since that night. Jeff mentioned everything he witnessed to Lisa, who has a relationship with Jeff and has become his caregiver, and she stepped up to the challenge as well. Both kept their maximum interest in Thorwald in order to find out what had happened that night. Since Jeff was in a wheelchair, Lisa was the one that did most of the action. She was the one that went in his apartment and got caught, but was able to get more hints back to Jeff. After this, Thorwld was now after Jeff, trying to get rid of him.

Luckily, Lisa made in time with the authorities to get Thorwld. It was known that he did killed his wife and cut her up into pieces where he later buried then in different places, which explained the trips he made. Also, he is responsible for the dead dog as well because the dog could smell one of the buried parts that was in the garden.

Feminism Involved

In the 1950's Women were expected to go back to work at home after WWII, but some stayed in their outside jobs and got lucky enough to get a higher pay. Also, women fought for reproductive rights where the Food and Drug Administration approved the first control pill in 1960. Education wise, female scholars began to emerge, slowly and under immense discrimination.

Today Up to this day, is not more of what feminism has been doing, but is it actually necessary anymore. I has come to a point where women are doing the same things as men or even more, but there are simple things proving feminism is still around.

Connection/Comparison Now women don't struggle as much to get a job. It's the same opportunity for both a male and female, including the pay. There is public schools all around the world where everyone can go to and have an education. Involving reproductive rights, women aren't judge as much and have plenty more birth control methods. Opportunities for women have increased a lot, though every now and then feminism is still to be cleared up.