Student Council Constitution

Williamsburg High School

Mission Statement

We will run school activities effectively and efficiently. We will make it our duty to come up with new, creative, fun ideas to keep the students excited and involved in the school and its activities. We will always listen to the student body and do our best to incorporate their thoughts and feelings into our decisions.


Each grade will be represented by a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, with 2 representatives. This is all decided by each grade in a vote. That will make up the Student Council body, which then votes on the Executive Council, which is made up of Student Council body members. The President of Executive Council has the most power, but can be voted out by the body with a majority vote.


The few policies we have are 1. Respect others opinions 2. Listen to the student body 3. Compromise 4. Always welcome new ideas. If one of these isn't followed we will confront the person, and if it happens again we will vote on whether to keep the member or not.

Add ins

If we want to change the way things are run, we have to create a motion. Once the motion is passed, we have a vote. If it gets through the vote we have a second motion. If the second motion goes through, that is the new way we'll do things.