Digital Cititzenship

Dejah G

Share Jumper

  • Sharing the right info on the internet is important
  • Get to make positive or negative decisions
  • Don`t share that you are alone at home or tell your business.
  • This will have a great impact on your life because people might steal your info


  • You have to help the people who are bullied on the internet
  • Shows you how to be a Upstander


  • Shows you that you should have control over what you are doing on your phone
  • Are you using your phone wisely
  • Do you use your phone when you are suppose to

Password Protection

  • Passwords is a big thing you use for so many things such as snapchat and instagram people can hack in your account.
  • You have to be careful with your passwords put some confusing things in the password but you ave to remember it.
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