Library NewsBlast March 2018

Flushing High School Library Media Center

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March Madness: Teaching Resources

March is known for so many celebrations it is hard to pick one. March is Math Month (PI Day, March 14), Beware the Ides of March (March 15), March is Read Aloud Month, March is Women's History Month, March is Freedom of Information Day (March 16: Birthday of James Madison, Father of our Constitution and a Sunshine Week celebration to celebrate our 1st Amendment rights. Find out more about March celebrations at Holiday

Have Your Read a Good Book Lately?

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FHS Awarded a Reach Grant

Our Reach Grant will be used to supplement our independent reading collection. We are currently hosting English classes who wish to help our students choose books according to social, economic, cultural and political literacies. In the words of Alfred Tatum, the author of Reading for Their Life, it is necessary to “build students’ textual lineages in order to help them become resilient and find direction.” Our goal is to build our collection so our students will discover books that speak to them and become self learners. We will let you know when the new books arrive. If you have any titles you would like to suggest, fill out this form online.