Formal Interview Attire

What to wear at a formal job interview: Men vs Women

What to wear and what not to wear: Male attire

Males should wear suits and ties, and they should also wear nice black shoes with black socks. Make sure the ensemble matches, so that way your potential boss is not led to believe that you are incompetent. You also should have tidy, combed hair, shaved face, and a fresh shower.

What to wear and what not to wear: Female Attire

Women should remove and visible body piercings that are anything more than small earings. they should wear pants or a skirt suit that has a lengthat should be no more than two inches above the knee. you should also wear a single or double breasted jacket to avoid a visible cleavage area. The colors used should not be excessivley birhgt colored, but the preffered colors would be black, grey, charcoal, or navy blue. Make up should not be worn in excess either. And Hosiery (neutral nylons or tights, depending on the season) is a must as well.